Mary Goes Round

With the ambiance of a 90’s theme show a la Cosby, Aretha jumps into the sounds of the 90’s on “Mary Goes Round”, from 1991’s What You See Is What You Sweat. It’s a funky, upbeat cut where Aretha cuts loose and tells the story of Mary, who “don’t wanna aim arrows at unattached men”, and will “steal in a flash” just to “win and walk away” and leave a trail of broken hearts in her wake.

Rolling Stone described the song as “funky” and “a grown up ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’, which sassily examines heartbreak.” And yes, she even includes quotes from the nursery rhyme in the song.

Listen to “Mary Goes Round”:

One comment

  1. 1994 – Willing to Forgive

    PhotoShoot in Yellow silk gown with gloved elbow resting regally on a Steinway Grand… Later sitting atop it wearing Leather Jacket and a wall of hair (Album Cover) Arista 1980-1994 Greatest Hits

    SNL – Oprah Winfrey Show performances

    Video shoot til 1 AM … Behind the Video (footage of Donnie Simpson at home with Aretha )

    Collaboration with Babyface…


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